Free Case Request

You bought multiple cases of Hastening at your own expense.


Would you like additional copies to share with other leaders?

Let us absorb the cost!

Here is an example of what we would like to facilitate:
I described our vision for Hastening’s role in mobilizing the Church to one mission agency leader and gave him a copy. The next day this man:

  • ordered a case to give his supporters,
  • invited everyone in his agency to consider doing the same, and
  • urged his mobilization team to order a customized printing (inviting readers to join their agency).

Based on other responses to preview copies, we had fortunately bumped our first printing from 2,000 to 10,000. Before these had even shipped from the printer, we ordered a second printing.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ORDERED MULTIPLE CASES to share with friends and colleagues, AND you are in a position to put a significant number of copies in the hands of other strategic leaders (especially leaders outside the mission community), we would like to empower you to do so at our expense.

Here are two examples: one early multi-case buyer attended Finishing the Task in early December at Saddleback church. With her permission we shipped her two extra cases above her order to hand out to strategic leaders there. Another man bought eight cases to take to Urbana and we gave him two extra.

Are you in a similar position, perhaps attending a conference or regularly interacting with a flow of leaders with whom you would like to share the mobilization vision of this book?

If so, please use the form below to submit your request.

THANK YOU for letting us serve YOU as you serve Him in this way!

P.S. Several have used this form successfully, but two have reported difficulties. If you don’t hear back from me fairly quickly, please email the information requested by this form to THANKS!

THANK YOU for letting us serve YOU as you serve Him in this way!